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LOCATION: Van Raalte Farm

General Public Parking near Yang Feng (JCI) lot, at:

858 East 24th St., Holland, MI 49423

SCHEDULE: Schedule of Events & Parking Info

Unless directed otherwise based on genre / story, plan to finish around 4:00 ish. Battle footage and camp life are a focus along with any misc coverage between. After we draw genre and write story (Friday late / early Saturday) we may reach out about other events we'll need a stronger focus on.

SPECS: 4k, 24 fps

My camera/drone op is going to shoot DLog-M, H265, no color profile (flat), MOV, 4k, 24fps, however my system sometimes has issues with H265 and to avoid delays, he is shooting the specs listed above because they work best on his machine, and then he's going to import his own clips, trim them down for me, then export as H264, MP4, 4k, 24fps and send me that to edit with.

If you are importing into your own system to trim up and export me a file of the clips use the same export settings and shoot in anything similar as above that works for you, but if not exporting a file, then shoot as close to those export settings as you can (H264, MP4, 4k, 24fps, DLog-M, flat).

I will be doing sound design, so sound is not as important in your reenactment footage.

LESS is MORE! Short Cinematic/Sizzle clips.


FILM TEAM (on location):

812-614-2252 Walt Enneking

812-655-4943 Conor Geary

513-235-0701 Matt Herbert

TEAM LEADER (off site):

513-265-2939 Joe Herbert


616-540-7360 Rick Veenhoven

616-368-9443 Wendy Link


The event coordinators will be busy and may not always answer, but if you need to reach someone with the event, those are our main points of contact mobile numbers.

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